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2015 Sermons

Sermons Podcast

We are pleased to bring to listeners around the world the recorded sermons from Central Baptist Church’s pulpit.

11/22/15 – Paris, Peace, and the People of God

11/15/15 – Casting Stones and Condemning Sinners

9/6/15 – The Most Important Question in a Most Confusing Time

7/12/15 – The Holy Spirit’s Work in Missions

7/5/15 – How to Hear and Discern the Direction of the Holy Spirit

6/28/15 – The Holy Spirit and the Word of God

6/14/15 – The Primary Purpose of the Tribulation

4/5/15 – The Mystery of the Power of the Resurrection

3/15/15 – Why Does the Devil Want a Child of God?

3/1/15 – Principles for Empowering a New Generation