Chuck Meade

While in school, Chuck met and fell in love with Kaity Wyatt. After getting married in August 2015, the two served as youth ministry leaders at a church in East Tennessee. Not long after, they followed God’s leading and moved to Dunn in June 2016 where Chuck now serves as the student pastor of Central. Chuck and Kaity welcomed their son, Wyatt, in December 2019 and their daughter, Charley Kate, in November 2023.

It is Chuck’s passion for teens to meet and fall in love with Jesus, for them to be sold out and set apart for the glory of God, and to equip all students in 6th-12th grade to know why they believe what they believe. Our student ministry follows the blueprint of being kingdom expanding, character transforming, and culture shaping. Our gospel-centered teaching, preaching, and worship makes for an exciting environment and shows teenagers that there is joy in following Christ!